The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

Laughing at yourself

means seeing it from all sides
360 in a sphere

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Business Minded doesn’t include minding mine


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digital just is not as cathartic as analog…..

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Given a choice….

I’d rather be married again.
psych ward means you have zero civil rights
no way to check yourself out again.

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Memo to Authority

 hunger strikes are SELF SOLVING PROBLEMS
– well, except for the publicity portion…
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freaky digital monkeys

I get blocked on Facebook from being able to share, like, post links, comment, friend and message people regularly.

I have figured out several workarounds, but now and then, I don’t pay attention and I get the security warnings.


today, I had this one – and since I use  nktrygg  as a screen name on many sites, i thought this one was a bit like the monkey random typing reference as a coincidence occurance:


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Developing Relationships

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Evolution is karmic


funny how the creationists admit to micro evolution but not macro, as if they are separated.

Seriously, viruses and bacteria create a new generation every 20 minutes – and our use of anti-bacterial products has accelerated their evolution as super-bugs that we have no defense against.

We need to stop using these sanitizer products  and slow down their evolution because they will be the end of us – seriously, does no one remember that it was bacteria that saved humans from the Martian invasion in War of the Worlds?



Perhaps the evilest thing in Pandora’s box, but it is still the only reason most of us get up every day and keep on keeping on.

because really, what is the alternative?


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Smart Ass Gets PWND


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