The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

Monkey See Monkey Do

if we had come across the bonobos before the chimps,

we would have had different ideas about human pyschology


and that would have steered people and society in different directions

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Germs and Contagion

Interestingly, there is a correlation between the number of contagious diseases and the number of religions in any given area.

the closer to the equator, the higher the number and the colder the climates and more north and then to the south, less of both.


Interesting, eh?


what, after all, is purity – other than fear of contamination?

into the marketplace of ideas:    complexity is scalable. that’s why it’s reducible.



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Everything is Reducible


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Winnable Debates: Chemeric unicorn


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Think Thank Thunk


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Be Bop a Bitch La

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Olympics EPIC FAIL

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Geeks n soda, peeps on the side

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Memo to Authority

 hunger strikes are SELF SOLVING PROBLEMS
– well, except for the publicity portion…
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