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Nina’s Geekitude Torrent – Being a Seeder


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Gay Marriage: Canada Edition

It’s not and it is at the same time

It’s not because Canada made it so and there was no social upheavals.


Okay, Quebec had a massive ice storm that year and most of BC was on fire, but I am sure that was just coincidence. Those things do happen regularly.


I think it’s because we think that religious people and secular people have the same understanding of the law. and we don’t.

Religious people are about status quo, conformity and worship of authority. So there is no questioning authority.

They see marriage as between a man and woman – and cannot extend it to see marriage as an entitlement based on citizenship,


They see anyone who is unwilling to conform, as undeserving. No conformity, no cookie.


So when we talk marriage, we use the same words to mean different things.


AND if we could talk about marriage as a secular thing and leave any religion to the people – we could have the conversation.

Mostly, I think America needs to see married gays and lesbians to see that our families are pretty much the same as theirs

only we teach our children to understand the world they live in and participate, make it better


not just children to conform to gender roles, uphold the status quo, and go along to get along.


but to respect the campfire rule of leaving people and places in as good or better state than when you encountered them

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equality cannot be separate but different

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Titles don’t define relationships

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Whacky Heterosexuals!

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Given a choice….

I’d rather be married again.
psych ward means you have zero civil rights
no way to check yourself out again.

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Romance 0 : Reality 1


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Agoraphobic Philosopher on marriage:

On a good day, I would rather be honestly poor than marry for money.

On a bad day, I would love to be introduced to a 80 year old billionaire in an oxygen tent.

I am a blonde with blue eye and big boobs.

Guess what kind of day I am having today?

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Secular Marriage is 2 but Religious Marriage is a threesome


Secular marriage is two people exclusive of all others.

Religious marriage is two humans plus God – kinkiest threesome

Religious Marriage is also a man and as many women as his community leader is willing and able to assign to him with a three wife minimum.

Cultural Polyandry is a woman married to two men, usually brothers.


So which is the most wholesome and monogamous marriage?

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Gay Sex does not result in abortions

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