The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

Triple Threat or just temptations?


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Sex and Religion – twisted in an unfun way


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Gay Marriage: Canada Edition

It’s not and it is at the same time

It’s not because Canada made it so and there was no social upheavals.


Okay, Quebec had a massive ice storm that year and most of BC was on fire, but I am sure that was just coincidence. Those things do happen regularly.


I think it’s because we think that religious people and secular people have the same understanding of the law. and we don’t.

Religious people are about status quo, conformity and worship of authority. So there is no questioning authority.

They see marriage as between a man and woman – and cannot extend it to see marriage as an entitlement based on citizenship,


They see anyone who is unwilling to conform, as undeserving. No conformity, no cookie.


So when we talk marriage, we use the same words to mean different things.


AND if we could talk about marriage as a secular thing and leave any religion to the people – we could have the conversation.

Mostly, I think America needs to see married gays and lesbians to see that our families are pretty much the same as theirs

only we teach our children to understand the world they live in and participate, make it better


not just children to conform to gender roles, uphold the status quo, and go along to get along.


but to respect the campfire rule of leaving people and places in as good or better state than when you encountered them

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The Shut In Stand Up

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Rights ve entitlements

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Science Illiteracy is not a joke


but religion’s take on sex and gender roles is a horrible joke and it needs to stop.

honestly, anyone who tells you that masturbation is dangerous or wrong is an idiot who needs to mind their own business.

anyone who has an pinon about the sex you are having when you have not invited them to have sex with you, needs to mind their own business


it is not the job of the government to be involved in the bedrooms of the nation, unless there’s a criminal content like rape which includes incest.


it is not the job of anyone else to mind or be concerned about what anyone does who they are not related to or involved with in some way.


we’re all supposed to be grown up so how about acting like and more than that – how about treating each other like everyone else is too.


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Undocumented workers, endentured servants and slaves

none of them belong and they are not the same…..


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Minority pride and rights are a function of majority’s inablity to cope with minorities


Jesus was Gay – but not historical


Plus, he would not have been white. The various profits at the time that claimed to be various sons of various gods would all have been dark or olive skinned.


seriously those stories are all set in the middle east people

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Gay Panic is a defence tactic not reality

ditto for the defense attempt to mitigate their client’s crimes by claiming their client was abused as a child.

this should be deemed an AGGRAVATING FACTOR – not a mitigating one or a justification.

if you were victimized, then you should know better than to victimize other people.

being a bully, a rapist, an abuser does not make you powerful or bigger or important.

and justifying being a bully, rapist, abuser with Jesus or other religious claims

just demonstrates that religion poisons everything and is the leading cause of evil in the world

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