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Who Can it Be Now?

In high school, the teacher, Gary Wagner

had us perform monologs but we had to use songs.

most people picked current day songs

and despite being a massive Elvis fan who thrilled to the acting class before me when they got to perform as the singers to the songs being played.


Alas, my air band Elvis impersonation had to wait until college, where I placed second with my rendition of Elvis’ Hound Dog Performance from the Milton Berle show… I won $50.


I did perform this song as a monolog in acting class. with two girls standing at each side of the stage – one in black and one in white – they just said Knock at random and disruptive intervals






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The King Is Dead! Long Live the King! Droll King Lesbian!

The Shut In Stand Up Blog is coming to an end.

But don’t worry dear readers

because a new comic character is coming to take over this space.

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The future of “autographs”

I wrote my first email fan letter to Gretchen Phillips – a lesbian singer – and for years, kept her email reply.

computer crash, so I lost a couple more – but only 2 more.

in any event, since so many celebs are online – remember the infamous Lucy Lawless getting in a flame war in a Xena chat room when she asked the semi innocent question. You don’t take it that seriously do you?

so, consider when you are posting – how you present yourself and what kind of excitement or impression you create.

after all, I started sharing items for Crys Matthews and Vicki Wagner – a singer and comedian – working professionals

and it always thrills me when they stop by my facebook timeline to thank me for my efforts on their behalf.

and to continue the routine:

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“lesbian” porn


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Wars of the Stars


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Christmas with The Beatles!


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Better punchlines


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no accouting for personality

aka….some people


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Country Music + Blues Music (+Gospel) = Rock N Roll

Country music – the state of being such a train wreck alcoholic honky tonker that you lose your spouse, kids, job and dog on a regular basis and life just ain’t fair because now you’re an outsider with little better to do than drink and mope.


Blue Music – that state of  being such an outside that you can’t get a job, spouse or pay child support and your dog don’t like you very much so you may as well be a train wreck doper or boozer and mope.


Rock n Roll Music – country done blues and blues done country with a gospel fervor and a message of let’s get happy and laid.


No one wonder everyone followed Elvis and wants to be a rock star…..


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