The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

The King Is Dead! Long Live the King! Droll King Lesbian!

The Shut In Stand Up Blog is coming to an end.

But don’t worry dear readers

because a new comic character is coming to take over this space.

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Laughing at yourself

means seeing it from all sides
360 in a sphere

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Business Minded doesn’t include minding mine


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Given a choice….

I’d rather be married again.
psych ward means you have zero civil rights
no way to check yourself out again.

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freaky digital monkeys

I get blocked on Facebook from being able to share, like, post links, comment, friend and message people regularly.

I have figured out several workarounds, but now and then, I don’t pay attention and I get the security warnings.


today, I had this one – and since I use  nktrygg  as a screen name on many sites, i thought this one was a bit like the monkey random typing reference as a coincidence occurance:


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Love is a many gendered thing

Click to see the posted item on the Lezflirt Blog


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Hello World – I’m Back

I started this blog to try to cling to my sense of humour in the face of adversity.

But the blog was struggling to find it’s voice – because – my voice – or rather – my words – had been taken away and rendered meaningless.

but, I get it – it’s not the world’s fault.


Sing it sister lang! who stole my Canadian Elvis spotlight and I adore you for it all the more!


Canada’s Official Elvis: