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The Girl Next Door Type seeks …

pays to advertise


yeah. it’s not really helpful though. Given that I am agoraphobic and all my neighbours are married Het couples.

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Inspiration Porn

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Scenery Porn

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Clubbing is as clubbing does

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I need therapy for my Facebook therapy

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It’s Mental Illness Awareness Day in Canada

Did you know that today Bell Canada is sponsoring Mental Illness awareness day?

 And I think that if they want to reduce the stigma, maybe we should say “mental unwellness”

 Because, it’s a bit sickening to say “reduce stigma of mental illness.”


Because while there is a whole lot of mental illness in the world and in Canada…

I became mentally unwell – because of other people’s mental illness – and I am no longer a social butterfly but an agoraphobic with general anxiety and panic attacks.

Because other people – that I worked with – were under the questionable impression – and I can only think that there is some mental malfunctioning at work in their minds, because:


Whatever any one person feels or believes that THIS IS “the way things are”

what they are really demanding is obedience from everyone – as if that’s how things should be.

And something that I have noticed – about all those TELL IT LIKE IT IS people.

Is they are not happy people and they are telling only how they would like it to be – and wanting to be miserable and make everyone as miserable as they are – and to punish people who don’t agree or how have different views…..

well, I mean really.


Who is anyone to call anyone “mentally ill” – when there’s not a mentally well person anywhere in sight.


and here’s why – we mentally well people – know better than to reveal ourselves to the truly mentally ill – and here’s the signs of true mental illness:

– inability to laugh at yourself

– lack of ability to be socially adaptive

– inability to work and play well with a diversity of other people

– refusal to learn from history

– refusal to learn from experience

– refusal to grow and learn and be better than whatever the rules say is the minimum requirements


so – none of those are any problem that I have ever had – so right now – I have some cognitive difficulties – but I am able to laugh at myself and maintain a sense of proportionality, able to adapt to new normals and to create positive change.

so –


I don’t appreciate all you Mentally Ill People out there – suggesting that those of us who are mentally unwell after dealing with you that we are what needs to have awareness drawn to us.

When really, dot dot dot

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