The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

on October 7, 2012

Abstinence is a virtue when we require it of ourselves

and a vice when we demand it of others

Source of Inspiration

We fast and feel virtuous.
We abstain from sex, food,
booze, and other things we
want and feel we are “good,”
when the desire remains. What
is the true value of self-denial?

Does discipling our wants change
our nature? Does indulging our
desires condemn us? Why then were
we created with these desires?

Oh, Creator, I have lots of questions for You!

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4 responses to “

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Nice to see you caught the wit of this. Yes, this blog is a good place for this poem. I have never noticed this blog before. You are definitely an eclectic gal. hugs,pat

    • Nina says:

      Well, this is more a smart ass area

      than poetry

      so. I have 5 blogs, but my actual poetry one is inactive, pending if I can locate any more poems. I was distressed when I couldn’t find the box, overjoyed when I found some word files where I had already transcribed most of them.

      then sort of sad to not still have the hand written originals.

      something about the pen made them seem more urgent

      or perhaps it was just the handwriting itself

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