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Godbots, trolls and Poes

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Sieze the Geek – Mr or Ms Right Now could be Mr/Ms Right Forever

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well, that is the ultimate religious war

PC and viruses or go Mac and be virtually virus free

Source of Inspiration

I wonder how far I can
throw my computer,
monster of knowledge
teaches me patience
I wish I already had
so I stop getting this lesson.

I prayed for patience,
God gave me a computer virus.

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Revolution – the answer is blowing in the wind

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Science Illiteracy is not a joke


but religion’s take on sex and gender roles is a horrible joke and it needs to stop.

honestly, anyone who tells you that masturbation is dangerous or wrong is an idiot who needs to mind their own business.

anyone who has an pinon about the sex you are having when you have not invited them to have sex with you, needs to mind their own business


it is not the job of the government to be involved in the bedrooms of the nation, unless there’s a criminal content like rape which includes incest.


it is not the job of anyone else to mind or be concerned about what anyone does who they are not related to or involved with in some way.


we’re all supposed to be grown up so how about acting like and more than that – how about treating each other like everyone else is too.


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Nina's Garden

Comedy is subjective and humour is about the audience.

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Writer Chat 28 – Parenting

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So if reality is broken, aren’t we all separated from it?

Or delusional or divorced from it in one way or the other?

after all, isn’t callous indifference to the suffering of others really what separates humans from their gods and goddesses?


The deities do not get; as my Uncle Gus used to say “Personally Involved” in the individual affairs of mortals

and what we get up to collectively, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll…….. that’s the rub isn’t it, eh?



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