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Minority pride and rights are a function of majority’s inablity to cope with minorities

on July 23, 2012


3 responses to “Minority pride and rights are a function of majority’s inablity to cope with minorities

  1. writerdood says:

    It’s a funny concept. Piers Anthony wrote a book called Ghost in which at some point in the future, it was made illegal to have children with another individual of the same race, and many generations later, everyone was a fairly uniform shade of light brown. It makes you wonder what would happen if a million worlds were waiting for us to colonize, and any group could have their own world, would we separate by race, or would we separate by religion? Which factions would develop? What would colony worlds be like if the colonists could select the individuals accompanying them?

    • Nina says:

      I think that the only way to tackle and eliminate racism is by blurring the ethnicities

      we are all out of Africa and the cosmetic differences between us are a stupid basic for discrimination

      worse, the righteous demanding or claiming that if it can be proven that homosexuality is genetic instead of choice that they will accept us is proven to be a lie, given the racism of society.

      people need to stop fearing what is different about other people and focus on their own behaviours

      and really, trying to make everyone conform to one set of behaviours is a futile battle that is unwinnable

      time to focus on our commonality and common needs

      ending poverty and ensuring food and shelter security for everyone

      end the UN and replace it with something more like the Star Trek’s united federation of planets governance model

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