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Kansas: Not User Freindly

on June 21, 2012


Click for the article – Kansas legalizes religions as the basis for discrimination


3 responses to “Kansas: Not User Freindly

  1. Arturo Schultz says:

    Sam Brownback is one of the worst Governors in the country. He has no intentions on separating his Religion from Government.

    • Nina says:

      which makes me wonder how religious politicians get away with claiming to be patriotic

      when they clearly do not understand the principles that America was founded on or for

      the individual as the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberties with what makes them happy

      free from the control of kings or government or religion that you do not choose

      and the major founding fathers were deists not theists and were opposed to Christianity

      • Nina says:

        England learned that religion and government did not mix after Henry the 8th

        his daughter – Bloody Mary was a catholic and she killed protestants

        and Elizabeth the 1st was put on the thrown to stop Mary’s bloodshed and Catholics were banned from being in public office

        by law until the last century when the law was removed and had not been enforced for decades

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