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Evolution is karmic

on June 17, 2012


funny how the creationists admit to micro evolution but not macro, as if they are separated.

Seriously, viruses and bacteria create a new generation every 20 minutes – and our use of anti-bacterial products has accelerated their evolution as super-bugs that we have no defense against.

We need to stop using these sanitizer products  and slow down their evolution because they will be the end of us – seriously, does no one remember that it was bacteria that saved humans from the Martian invasion in War of the Worlds?


4 responses to “Evolution is karmic

  1. Nina says:

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    true story
    Bacteria and Viruses compromise the majority of the earth’s biomass

    they deliver DNA into host species and cause genetic mutations

    and they are willing evolution because they are the most fit and best adapted – and can survive in more habitats, hosts and environments than any other life form.

    and the MIMI virus

    is something in between.
    most likely, multi-cell organisms started by a virus merging with a bacteria
    and our own mitochondrial DNA supports that idea.

    seriously, single cell organisms were the first life and they are gonna be the last life on earth too

    6 mass extinctions that we have identified
    and humans can’t work and play well enough together
    so we’re gonna cause the 7th.

    mother nature is gonna be really glad to see the back of us

  2. thechange14 says:

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    so true

  3. You say “tomahto,” I say “tomato”–you say “microevolution” I say “adaptation.” “Micorevolution” is simply pseudoscientific jargon with a built-in bias because presumes that there is such a thing as macroevolution or “evolution,” period.

    Yes, we all know living organisms have adaptive abilities for survival, what we don’t know is that you can create new genetic information that is beyond the scope of our built-in adaptive abilities. As in there is no proof whatsoever that a tiny animal can evolve into a much larger one (or vice versa) over long periods of time, nor evidence of unicellular organisms evolving into multicellular organisms over long periods of time.

    • Nina says:

      MIMI virus/bacteria

      and as far as my understanding goes, micro/macro is nonsense and not science terms

      but a bizarre distinction some creationists and there’ several kinds – try to make because they do not understand

      but yes, there is lots of proof of species changing – larger and smaller

      and there’s those cave newts that lost their eyes….

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