The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

Car Insurance

on February 4, 2012

While insurance companies will tell you:

It’s cheaper to hit and kill someone with your car

than it is

to hit them and make them a paraplegic

uncomfortable thought, isn’t it?

and if it’s not

it will be because

here’s the part that no one should have to tell you – the cheapest way to drive is to drive in a manner that you aren’t going to hit or be hit by anyone.

Especially since – you have no idea of why accidents happen – when you are not the so-called “at fault driver.”

It was (best Rocky Horror Voice) No Accident:

It Was an Opportunity.

For someone else.

You were, just as you are telling people, an innocent bystander…


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