The Shut-in Stand-Up

A comedic look at modern life from the perspective of a traumatized but standing up shut-in.

Contextualized Cultural Connectivity

01 SISU Sexuality


02 SISU subtext

03 SISU meta text

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The Girl Next Door Type seeks …

pays to advertise


yeah. it’s not really helpful though. Given that I am agoraphobic and all my neighbours are married Het couples.

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Holiday Swap Parties


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Buzzwords, jargon and team work

01 bang for your buck

02 perfectly queer

03 d i v o r c eFio

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To Infinity and Beyond

mobious trips

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Who Can it Be Now?

In high school, the teacher, Gary Wagner

had us perform monologs but we had to use songs.

most people picked current day songs

and despite being a massive Elvis fan who thrilled to the acting class before me when they got to perform as the singers to the songs being played.


Alas, my air band Elvis impersonation had to wait until college, where I placed second with my rendition of Elvis’ Hound Dog Performance from the Milton Berle show… I won $50.


I did perform this song as a monolog in acting class. with two girls standing at each side of the stage – one in black and one in white – they just said Knock at random and disruptive intervals






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Cultural Manifestations

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Tis the Season without Reason


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The King Is Dead! Long Live the King! Droll King Lesbian!

The Shut In Stand Up Blog is coming to an end.

But don’t worry dear readers

because a new comic character is coming to take over this space.

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